F1 Contest Car


Ceasar Bust

This was the week of heads for most people using Blender. So, here is a bust of Julius Ceasar I am working on.... Doesn't look much like him yet.



Millenium Falcon

This is a new millennium Falcon model being created by Scott Wilkinson with Blender. This is the progress as of 12/7/2000. What you see is ALL 100% mesh; there are no textures or bump maps. The textures will be painted once the mesh is completed.

First, let's look at a picture of my goal. This is the ILM version of the Falcon I like best (yes there are MANY differences even between the ILM models). As far as mesh geometry goes, I want to get as close to this as possible.

Now here is a look at the progress of my model thus far.... (note: these images were rendered in 3D Studio Max)

Here are some other angles

These close ups show the extent of the detail I am trying to achieve. Render time in Max is about 2 minutes for an 800 x 600 image. My system is an overclocked celeron 300 with 128MB of memory.


Things that need to be done:

1. Re-do the piping accross the top of the cockpit.

2. Cockpit armor plating.

3. Interior of cockpit.

4. Pipe detail all around the top of the hull.

5. The center and the very back of the engines.

6. all of the detail around the sides.

7. The bottom (YIKES!) Actually, I am going to cheat on this folks, I'm going to use most of the top detail for the bottom. Why? I ahve been working on this thing for 6 months and I am getting burned out.

8. The textures.... I have asked Sebastian Hirsch to do the textures for the Max version. I have seen some of his preliminary work on these and they look great. I will be finishing up the mesh as he does the textures. Then, I may work on some textures for my Blender friends.